Do more than just exist.

“Two most important days in your life:The day you were born and the day you discover why”.
-Ernest Campbell
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. 

Each one of us here in this world have a purpose.Our physical existence is just a testimony to it and not the final end in itself.We are not here by chance.We all are expected to perform certain functions enroute to our objectives.These functions are defined based on our association with different groups.These groups are spread across our social,political and economic life.But ,sometimes,we fail to recognise our role in these structures and drift away from our objectives in life and thereby fails to justify our existence beyond the Physical realm.

Now, this isn’t a special situation but over time,since the advent of civilization, has become a ‘normal’ rather than ‘exception’.We see people around us who are so much engrossed in the mechanics that they forget the essence of life.This happens on different levels.
On a personal level, we encounter individuals who are happy and content with whatever they have or at least it appears so.But it isn’t the case always.This also comprises of people who lack ingenuity.These people fail to live up to the potential.These people lack urgency in life and are also less aspirational,entrepreneurial and have little or no risk taking abilities.Though, at times it may appear that they are’Living’ their life but often it isn’t the case.
On a social level, we see people who are forced into professions and trades which are least to their liking.This happens many a time due to societal pressure, where you are expected to follow certain established path.Any departure ,both personal and professional, is taken as violation and attracts sanctions in various forms with varying intensity.Again, this forces us to make amends and takes away our authority.Here, we see, we are compelled by external environment and hence have to conform which at times compromises our lifelong goals and objectives.

In the above cases we see that our calling and its subsequent achievement in life isn’t only influenced by our own action alone but is also controlled to some extent by external environment over which we have limited controlled.But more than anything else what is required is to have an overall clarity of our own goals and a strong unwavering belief in it.It will be impossible to justify ‘living’ a life as long as we ourself fail to understand what we want to stand for.Once done , the next step would be to strategize and pool all resources towards achieving it without succumbing to any pressures.But it is equally important that one’s actions aren’t detrimental to the society he/she is living in.
It isn’t easy as we are a social creature and hence have certain obligations and responsibilities which we have to shoulder.But it is during these times that we are expected to show due diligence and make hard decisions.

Bill gates and Steve jobs are examples of people who lived their life on their own terms and in the process helped in making this world a better place by creating employment and contributing towards advancement of technology.Thus, we see, via this examples that sometimes addressing your own calling in life can also do wonders to people around you.

 In conclusion, we can say that it is important that we listen and acknowledge our calling in life.We can do justice to our existence as a global citizen only when we start ‘living’ and not just physically existing.

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