Afraid to be Happy

“I think I’m afraid of being happy because whenever I get too happy something bad always happens.”

~Charles M. Schulz 

Happiness is scary.It’s a pity thing that you’re so used to being all sad and having gloomy days that now when you’re finally having this happiness you’re scared to take it.And you’re are scared to let it go too because who would want to do that??

Of course,all that blissful time won’t last forever and what’s scarier is that you don’t know what’s stored in there for you.But then,you’re never gonna be able to know that.So you’re stuck with this dilemma and you take baby steps,and it’s okay.Trust me,it is.But you can’t keep your happiness closed in a box that you yourself locked with a key that you threw away in the sea and keep the box close to you all the time because that won’t help you.You’re tangled.You’re a mess.And you think you can’t take that much of happiness.You don’t deserve it.But believe me,it isn’t too much to ask for.

Each and every part of you is waiting for this to ignite your soul.Go grab it.Seize it before anyone pushes your little ass down.Don’t think too much.Take a smile, and take a frown.It’s easy.Like a freestyle dance,you don’t even need to remember the steps.Just when the music plays,move with the flow and you’ll see that you’re getting better with each step.Soon you’ll realize that the box you hid your happiness in,is broken.You don’t need it anymore.

Yes,you won’t be great but you’ll be okay.And its better to be okay than to be worse.Besides,you might be having a good time too,who knows?yes,the sad day would be just a second away from your happy one but sometimes a forever lasts just for a second and it’s all that you have to believe in.

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