Greatest Armour

There are too many people that tell you that hiding your tears is being strong but people don’t emphasize on the fact that facing your fears and admitting your tears is the basic start towards getting stronger.Lose or failure should just be steps towards success that you are capable of achieving.If someone or something stops you from growing,you don’t need it in your life.You need to outgrow anything and everything that holds you back and those people that tell you that you need to ignore what hurts.Sometimes,pain has a way of holding you when happiness doesn’t.Let that pain be your strength.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t grow without going through everything that hurts.A seed needs to tear itself apart to grow as well.We are all seeds,just waiting to grow into what we’re meant to become.If you stay in your shell,your seed and don’t let yourself break,you will never grow.
There is wisdom to be achieved after going through all the distress.If you say you give up,a tomorrow will hold no meaning but if you tell yourself that you’ll come back stronger,a tomorrow will be best reason to live today.

#let your fear become your greatest armour.

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      1. Yeah… congratulations and thnx alot….n i tried to comment to that post…but it was showng that i couldn’t comment…pls chck..whther ur post have recvd the comment or not…


  1. When the “Lord of the Rings” movie came out, it became quite the topic of conversation how willing the male characters in the movie were to dry and laugh. In America we are so accustomed to assuming that real men don’t cry that it was really surprised viewers.

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      1. “umeed pe dunya qaim hai…”
        I was trying to translate this sentence in english but couldn’t do it and ended up being dramatic xD
        Stay happy
        Peace ✌

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