I am you

I am you,they say.

Yet they treat me differently.
You stand upon an altar,

While I’m confined to the dock.
Made from the same soil as you are,

Yet they pray you,and I’m preyed upon .
You make your enemies bleed,

Yet when I bleed,I’m made to be the enemy.

You watch fondly as they dance and sing to please you,

They watch lustfully as I am made to dance and sing for them.

I am you,they say.

So they treat me like you when-

They make us kiss the earth,

When they’re done with us.
I am you,I say-

When I rise like you,

Time and again,

Fulfilling our ways.
I am you,DURGA Maa,I am often told.
They’ve seen my beauty,

They’ve abused my love,

Yet they don’t see you in me.

Perhaps it’s my wrath they wait for.

64 thoughts on “I am you

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      1. Yes. Killing the one in womb and finding one to feed, burning the one at home and then finding another for The so called MAN. They all are hypocrites, double faces. Kudos to you.

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  1. Great wisdom, we are the others, come from and go to the same place. But why do we treat people, not as one? Fear, we are made fearful. There is need to educate for courage as you do with this beautiful poem:-).

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  2. Its always classic when you show the reality.Its the trait of a human that they never look into reality,and they always pretend to prove themselves as a great creatures but to be honest,animals are better than us.Most of peoples are suffering from a sick mentality and it can not be treated by any doctor or hakeem. Its us who can treat this sickness and i am unable to figure it out that WHY we are not doing it?Why we are not making any efforts to change it? though its very easy thing to do.Its a high time,women are the beauty of this human race.If you want to accept the existence of god than accept the beauty they have given to us,preserve them,respect them,be nice to them..and if someone is unable to do these things then sorry to say you ain’t a human not even an animal.You are disgrace to this planet earth.
    good work akanksha..keep it up.:)

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    1. We are not making any efforts to change it… because to many people it’s not a problem at all.There are many supporters of patriarchy who still feel pride in this hypocrisy..this is the reason that we are unable to change this sick mentality.They need women but don’t want them.
      Thanx kush for reading 😊


  3. Wow! Powerful! I love the last four lines of the poem deeply with inspiring and powerful message in it! Great title too! Great share my friend! Have a powerful day and keep blogging dearβ˜•β˜•β˜•πŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸ’–

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