Judgemental Hypocrites

Our society have a work of judging people on different basis.When one criteria of judgement fails,it creates new one so as to criticize people.We are judged on the basis of gender,body type,skin,clothes etc.Why this hypocrisy?

I am waiting for a time when we don’t need to say “respect women”.we should just say “respect people”.Asking people to respect her for her vagina, not for she is a human being,is a soft backhand slap on equality for women.Women don’t need respect quota.They need equality.
I refuse to believe that the skin color defines your glitter, that the size of lips can make you smile best, that the shape of nose defines your beauty and the eyes need to be big to be gorgeous.

I refuse to believe that beauty is perfect.

I refuse to believe that flaws and scars are ugly.

I refuse to believe that we are just bodies.

Fitness is good ,but why are these perfect body porn,

just to fit into a shape,why happy souls are torn.

Is life just about muscles,and a flat tummy to show ,

why can’t we accept people and let the talent glow.

Looks don’t make you,a brain and heart still matter,

there is no perfect shape, let’s treat people better.

Nobody is born hating herself/himself..it’s the society that made them hate themselves by judging them on the basis of their looks,body,colour etc.We live in a world of judgemental Hypocrites.

Our society judge people even on the basis of language they speak.People are looked down upon for speaking in their mother tongue.This colonial hangover of elitism that only English speaking “intellectuals” have brain is what our tragedy and bane is.Not just Hindi,be it any regional language,be proud of your roots, your culture,your heritage.Thats cool.

Judging a person does not defines who they are,it defines who you are.

Beauty isn’t a gift.Beauty is a choice.Beauty is life style.Beauty is an attitude.Beauty is YOU.

#stop judging others.Everyone is beautiful in their own.😊

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  1. I think we are born into societies that have needs and needs people to fill them, so tries to mold people into those needs. So society has these molds and tries to pour us into them like liquid metal, but we aren’t pure liquid, we have clumps of personality that from the point of view of society’s machinery makes us flawed cogs in the machine.

    So on the one hand, those clumps of personality are what we love about each other, but on the other hand, the smooth, pure parts are what society values about us.

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  2. I completely agree with you. Also, I think it’s an indicator of a lower intelligence when people comment on looks or judge people accordingly. Their brain must be working in a simple way that they are used to say what passes from their minds first. And they don’t have either emotional or logical depth. Therefore, I stay away from these people.

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  3. Once people are divided by their income, religion, then by orientation; now they are being divided by gender, color and language. Hopefully, Indian people read/write and think, that’s how you preserve your inheritance. My people in Turkey, already lost their language and religion, hence, their culture. Therefore, we’re divided, now we can’t walk on the street without protecting ourselves. It makes me feel so good to see wonderful people like you. 🙂

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      1. Roughly 40% of the my country is not educated. And Universities only accept people who are close to government. So the teachers are not qualified by their skills but they are chosen if they have any relation to government or power holders. So it’s because of corruption, as in Oscar Wilde’s “An Ideal Husband”. People here only praise money, not knowledge.

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      2. Ohh…that’s really depressing….I mean corruption has it’s roots everywhere….but education is something that should be ideally free of corruption.we see teachers as next to our family… corruption makes the scenario worse….it’s really very disheartening.

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      1. You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-),
        inspiringdude.wordpress.com if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)

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  4. So damn true!! I totally agree!! Live and let live.. do whatever you want to do!! Thank you for sharing these amazing thoughts!😍😊
    Please check out some of my poems whenever you get some time. Hope you like them!🤞😄

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    1. Ye.ah…this society is like this only.They do not recognize the concept of live and let live😂
      Thank you for the appreciation.And yeah.. I will read your peoms for sure.And will provide my feedback too.😊


  5. As a soft tissue specialist…movement Analyst and elite performance coach…I run my own clinic fixing “broken people” and working with professional athletes.

    I really enjoyed the passion in this post and the path you have chosen…it’s empowering.

    You are a great role model for women, so just a quick message to say…keep doing you!

    Don’t forget that 99% wouldn’t have the burning desire and dedication to put their heart and soul on the line for us all to read.

    Hope all goes well. I wish you nothing but prosperity and success.

    Have an amazing day

    Mr Cleaver

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  6. That means a lot thank you, although not necessary.

    If you ever get time…great!

    The sole reason for my comment was because your post was inspiring…and we live in a world where many conscious outlets won’t give credit…where the credit is due…and such the purity out of evolutionary essence.

    This post disturbed the paradigm.

    Which I love

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    1. No,No….I am not doing this just because you commented or liked my posts.I actually want to read your work.So, I just acknowledged you with the same that I would love to read your blog posts.
      Your comments and support are always appreciated.


  7. One of the best posts I came across this month ! Aptly summarised almost all the problems that we as a human beings are facing.
    According to me , the root cause is the Society…not society actually to be specific, their mind set. It’s all about the mind set…where you stand, where will you stand etc. Your mind has to be pure ! Until and unless, society realises the importance of inner beauty, we are helpless. And point is to be noted :
    We as a whole constitute the Society. So our thoughts as a whole matters to a great extent.

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