Barbarism, Inhumanity- Women’s own?

Rape.Rape is not a verb.It is an entire damn dictionary of mental agony and cruelty .It is the scar that leaves wounds which take forever to heal.It is the torment of humiliation.It is the agony of being stripped by eyes,day after day.It is the soul,that mourns it’s own death.Rape,does not malign your character.You see,that’s the easy part.It is what follow,that is hard.The plethora of questions.The barbs,the jabs,the passive accusations to steal your dignity,how do you face them?how do you tell people ‘I am not a whore’,to make them believe you.?How do you tell people that the inch of thigh would have made no difference to the rapists? I couldn’t.But today,a 4 yr old being raped in the school bathroom,maybe points a finger in everyone’s eyes and makes them face the truth.

Rape,is not a battle.It is not about protecting yourself against bad.At 14,most girls are told to start sitting properly,so that their thigh doesn’t show,to be more conscious of the various types of stares,to look down and walk away,if a group of eve-teasers are making lewd remarks.Because that is when puberty hits.In this country,puberty bring about all the changes it does in girls of other countries,but one more as well.It makes girls objects of pleasure.To look at,to use,to throw away like the old rag doll,which grew too dirty.But at 4,I was safe ,maybe.or now that I think of it,maybe I was lucky.

I asked  something to myself everyday.was It really a girl at fault maybe,that night?maybe slightly?did she provoke them?did she make them feel lust for her?

When I sat yesterday evening,seeing the headlines,I got  the answers to all the restless questions that never let me sleep.

It is not about the length of the top,the colour of the skin,the size of the breast.Today,the age doesn’t matter anymore.Society has reached a low of monstrosity,where every other day,a minor gets raped.

And today,a four year old,gets sexually abused,by two teachers,in a way unimaginable in a school.School,the place that we call our second homes.Teachers,the ones,we call our second parents.the worst crimes  are the ones,which words cannot condemn.

The ones,which we cannot call crime,because they are acts of brutal inhumanity.

The ones,to which we never find the answers.

How do you rape a girl of four??

Which part of her makes you lust her??

#hightime #be the change

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  1. Rape is most terrible crime on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women how to defend themselves what really needed is teaching men not to rape.

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  2. I believe it doesn’t always has to be lust that drives a person into committing rape. It is a psychological disorder too because rape is the result of suppressed emotions. Our men are nurtured with the notion from the very beginning that the two different sexes are basically different from every perspective . Our men are not expressive. They can’t make a judgement between lust and the idea of making love. Also it is relevant to mention that raping a four year girl doesn’t take place because they find her physical features attractive;it takes place because they see the need for sex everytime they see a feminine figure. If our society was more open to discussions about sex and the biological need for it, then may be the misconceptions might have never arose. May be our men wouldn’t have been raping every girl or women they came across.

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    1. I agree that our society is not open to have discussion about sex and it truly impact the psychology but still there is something called humanity.I mean in the earlier times too…we were not open about sex but still people were able to differentiate between love making and rape.just in case,if a person is desperate to have sex then there are many other options available too..but why to rape? Till very much extent,our society is responsible too but we can’t just excuse men for this.

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      1. In earlier times too, women and girls were raped but those issues were not getting highlighted. Today the media is responsible for highlighting these issues which is actually making us aware of the number of sexual assault cases across the country . And about humanity, that has somehow perished. Upto some extent, it is the society that is responsible but we can’t entirely overlook the various other factors that shape the human mentality. This particular issue, rape, requires the examination of all these factors and then devising a solution to eradicate it completely.

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  3. Whenever I read / hear something like this in the newspaper/ news, my blood just boils. How can people be so inhuman? And then again, aren’t we all helpless and that hurts me more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Very well written. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. hurts alot….we always try our best to educate our society,, despite out efforts when such crimes really stabs me .I don’t know why people are loosing their moralit?.Its really disheartening and yeah it do makes ur feel helpless.

      Thanks much ๐Ÿ˜Š for appreciation.

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  4. The lack of compassion in the world, the upbringing of rapists, the way a woman is shown as an object and the value of a woman are some of the reasons. The punishment for rapes isn’t quite good. There’s no fear among these people to stop them from doing such crime. In India where we worship goddess and indians rape such innocent girl. We talk about open culture, wearing proper clothes, not to be inviting, what reason will they have for this 4year old. It isn’t about the culture, about what one is wearing but about basic values. It’s time that people learn values like respect, how to behave and treat woman.The world needs to learn humanity now, because it’s not only about India it’s about every country. It was and is a man dominated world but now it has become prurient and inhuman. I read such things and I wonder when will all this end? A juvenile who did the most brutal act is released after 3 years punishment whereas the victim died. Only if laws change we can hope for something good.

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    1. Exactly….it’s not about how open you are,or what clothes do u wear…it’s about basic values.This is lack of morality which leads to such heinous crimes.A rapist knows that laws are not stringent enough.He will get released soon after.Its really high time and I feel very disheartening reading such incidents everyday.

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  5. Our society is also responsible to the highest extent!! Education has to be imparted considering this. It’s so inhuman for which I don’t have words to explain. We have gone ahead from wild Animals. Morality, values are no more now a days. Thousands can gather in candle March & and same people comments on women on clothes etc. or look staringly when passing by. It’s feel so sad why are we living in this kind of society where women has been made just an object. Hope for change & regulating authorities shall also do some which can make seriously a change. Last – education system is also responsible for this.

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    1. Our society is responsible to very much extent as such first of all discussing about sex is considered a taboo..we are not open to this… moreover as the end,it is the victim again who has to suffer after being raped.A rapist knows he will be free soon, although many rapists are never being caught because of our system…..but who lost her life,who suffered the horror??? The victim.She will be haunted for rest of her life.There are many honored people and politicians as well…who considers this as the fault of the girl that she was raped.How can b there much inhumanity?? If u can’t sympathize then at least please don’t haunt her.And this 4 yr old girl…SHAME on us…
      #hope for change

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      1. Taboo is also a part of society. It’s not only one thing which leads to heinous crime. Many other things are also responsible i.e Taboo (you rightly said), political system, illeterate people in system, not speaking against crime, family pressure etc, inequality, incapable people in powerful position, psychologically retarded people.

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  6. I completely agree with you, these are not crimes, these are outright barbarism transcending all boundaries. Much has been said about it and yet there is scope for a billion more as well as the need to raise our voice louder so that the people in influencial position do something substantial for once other than making empty promises.

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  7. I think, one too many times
    The punishment is just too damn lenient
    That’s why, knowing that the consequences are encouragingly light
    More and more people follow suit
    To pursue those horrible urges
    Of finding out what it feels like
    To taste the forbidden fruit

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    1. Yes….there is need to make our laws stringent and horrible enough that everyone can roam around freely.Such criminals should be handed over to public and deserve the most brutual punishment but We live in a democracy where general public don’t have any right to punish such criminals so we can only hope for change in the system.

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