Travel Blogger

Hey everyone!! I am writing here after so long.I am really happy and i appreciate the love and support that my fellow bloggers have shown on my posts. So,let me tell you more about me.I love to travel to different places and meet new people ,learn about their culture and society.And because of this love... Continue Reading →

Moonlight Sonata

One morning,in 1817,Beethoven realized that he's now deaf.I can see him sitting,almost crying,as he tries to hear the sound of his piano keys. when you ask me why don't I trust people more often,I tell you a story about this man who killed his wife,and then jumped from the golden bridge with his new born... Continue Reading →

Barbarism, Inhumanity- Women’s own?

Rape.Rape is not a verb.It is an entire damn dictionary of mental agony and cruelty .It is the scar that leaves wounds which take forever to heal.It is the torment of humiliation.It is the agony of being stripped by eyes,day after day.It is the soul,that mourns it's own death.Rape,does not malign your character.You see,that's the... Continue Reading →

Sangramos (to bleed)

Blood was always an attribute of warriors.A mark of valour,on the armour of a knight.A scar of respect,on a soldier.A wound of wonder,on a veteran.But,why,oh why,a mark of shame,on the body of a woman ? Yes,we bleed.All of us do.But while you cry and howl at the simple sight of blood,we go about with our... Continue Reading →

Come home

They say home is a feeling,not a place.And yet,I've been wondering in search of a place that'll feel like home.In search of a smell,a space between shoulder blades,gaps between fingers where I can finally rest and take a sigh. I've  been walking and turning and restlessly roaming in search of a pair of eyes where... Continue Reading →

100 Follows!!

100 follows!!! Whoaaaa....  Thanx alot my readers and fellow bloggers for the love and support.I have got 100 followers,it means alot.Although there are miles to go but still i'm very happy. We should find happiness in every little thing.. right???  Haha.. Jokes apart...THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE. KEEP READING 😊

A hint to what is beautiful

​‌I love taking walks in nature.It's nice to take a break from being a person.It's good to let your soul get some fresh air. What a feeling it is to sit absolutely alone,in the forest,at night,cherished by this wonderful,unintelligible,perfectly innocent speech,the most comforting speech in the world,the sound that rain makes by itself all over... Continue Reading →

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