Imagination,not intelligence made us human

“Logic will take you from A to B. But Imagination will take you everywhere” 

-Albert Einstein

What makes a man different from other animals and makes him sit at the top of hierarchical order in the animal kingdom ? Although there is no doubt that man is more intelligent than any other animal, but there are ample researches which have proved that animals such as chimpanzees, dolphins, monkeys have the intelligence comparable to that of man. The answer to the above question is :Imagination. It is the man’s ability to imagine and dwell upon vague ideas that distinguishes him from the rest.We have seen videos of dolphins and monkeys doing various tricks and performances in amusement parks. This is because of their intelligence, that they can perform acts in coherence and perfection.

Man’s inherent capabilities lie in his mind with both Imagination and Intelligence working simultaneously in life. Imagination is important because it is the source of ideas and creativity and Intelligence is the practical application of knowledge to make those ideas a reality. Imagination comes before Intelligence and is an important factor in human perspective.

Imagination is the root for all. From the very idea of flying like a bird to navigating in sea to reaching moon, it is Imagination that is at play.One need not know any principle or fact to be imaginative or creative.

In Arts like Painting, the idea conceptualised is put to display through imagination which otherwise may not exist in realtime.

Modern Technology is based on imagination too. The Fourth Industrial Revolution where Automation is the key and creation of Robots, 3D printing etc though are based on science and intelligence but the idea of alternative assistance by a machine with human capabilities gave rise to the Artificial intelligence. Here Intelligence and Imagination both at work.

Independent India is also an Imagination of the people, rulers in 19th century and is evident through 1857 Revolt, Santhal rebellion etc events. And it became a reality at a much later time through intelligence of many freedom fighters in 20th century. The idea of freedom from slavery, oppression, racism, Ethnocentrism etc was very much the imagination of every citizen of India but what makes it different from intelligence here is the practicality of the idea immediately. Any idea or thought which may not be practical immediately or which does not have scientific basis or is based on extra rational factors can or will come under imagination. But intelligence on the other side is belief in existing knowledge or practicality of ideas. Gandhi ji’s new ideas like Satyagraha, Non violence, Constructive work etc are found to be practical when he experimented them in his South Africa Sojourn. Thus this intelligence of his became helpful to realize the 19th century imagination of Indians.

Intelligence can do wonders to make an idea a reality. No body though that one day man will step on moon untill Apollo mission of NASA did it. Till then the imagination of moon as something in sky which no human can touch was the perception. But man’s intelligence and his use of sciences like physics, astronomy, geography etc. have made it happen. 
Intelligence cannot be dismissed in its importance relative to Imagination. As it is the very intelligence that gives shape to an imaginary idea without which an idea remains as an idea and no purpose is served with it. Intelligence gives scientific legitimacy to the imaginary ideas. THus both imagination and intelligence will reinforce each other. 

One can make wonders out of it and also create destruction. It is the ideas of Hitler which are responsible for the destruction of the world during second World War. Post World War I, nobody thought of another war by Germany. But Hitler’s ideas of scrapping Versailles Treaty and creating a living space by annexing Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia led to another war which almost was executed to near reality till 1943 by his intelligence. 

It’s all in the mind of a human whether imagination or intelligence. Imagination result in idea which is the seed sown and Intelligence results in the fruits of a conceptualized tree which come later either good or bad. 

Imagination is the sole base on which humans are progressing from living in caves to living in palaces today using modern technology, sciences, culture etc. Intelligence has made the imaginary ideas a reality to most extent. As Buddha Said “What you think you become”, It is what one imagines or thinks that decides the future course of action when that idea is put to use through one’s intelligence. Thus it is all in one’s mind and thoughts. The seeds that are sown must be for good of all then the reality of fruits can be reaped for the benefit of all.

Imagination is like a flowing steam of water. Just like a stagnant water gets polluted eventually, similarly restriction of imagination also corrodes the mind.Albert Einstein wisely pointed out the importance of imagination by saying “Intelligence is seeing what everyone sees, imagination is thinking what no one has thought”.

20 thoughts on “Imagination,not intelligence made us human

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  1. Refreshing thoughts…. Esp for those growing up in the indian society, where engineering and medical are synonyms for success and intelligence….
    Made me believe in the greatness of humanities and philosophy again…

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  2. Excellent…. 😉 Imagination is linked to creativity…. And when we try to adapt to different circumstances we often need to use our imagination to do so… Imagination is intelligence having fun, someone once say. I think this is accurate 😀 Also, it seems it is a more complex ability, if we compare it to intelligence, as it is not merely “rational” … Thanks for sharing…. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    1. Yes…so true…because without imagination we couldn’t have progressed so far.It is imagination which inculcates creativity.Afterall,imagination made us human😉 rather than mere intelligence.
      Thank you for reading☺

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