Come home

They say home is a feeling,not a place.And yet,I’ve been wondering in search of a place that’ll feel like home.In search of a smell,a space between shoulder blades,gaps between fingers where I can finally rest and take a sigh.

I’ve  been walking and turning and restlessly roaming in search of a pair of eyes where I can focus without being scared of revealing too many secrets,in search of a smile that my words can bring,a smile that makes an appearance when those eyes look into mine,not when they gaze all over my body.

I’ve been crying looking around for hands that’ll wipe these tears without hurting the scars on my cheeks.I’ve lived in mansions and apartments;I’ve lived in bungalows and attics.I know how it is to shrink when you have nowhere else to go and there seems to be no place for you where you are.

I know how it is to live in mansions where you spread your wings for  a few days and then spend years collecting pieces of yourself from each corner.
I have spent years trying to spread my wings and fly,trying to take up too little space sometimes so that at least I had some place to be.I’m homeless now.
I flew away from barren branches and walked out of mansions that were too big to even see my whole reflection.I don’t know what I’m looking for,anymore.

I guess, I’m just waiting for a circle of arms that go around my body and settle at the small of my back,a pair of hands that do not choke me and do not leave me.Arms that I can fit in just perfectly,hands that do not send a nervous shiver down my spine.

I guess,I’m just looking for eyes to reflect the whole of me,the broken and the mended pieces,the sharp edges and the soft curves,eyes that look beyond my body.

I guess,I’m just walking around trying to reach the voice echoing ‘come home’.

36 thoughts on “Come home

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  1. Happiness, love, luck..
    There are things in life that would be forever mysteries
    Important things that no science could ever explainβ€”not really, anyway
    And finding a soulmateβ€”the one, is quite close to those things, I guess

    There’s still one thing we can always do, though
    For whatever kinds of people we are looking for

    “Try to be one, then may thou find one” πŸ™‚ 🍸

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    1. Well, luck can be mathematically modeled. Unfortunately a lot of what forms our capacity for love and happiness are decisions made by our parents before we are born. The worse decisions they make, the harder the children will have to struggle towards them.

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      1. Parents never make worse decisions intentionally for their children..they also don’t want their children to struggle.Its all about luck, circumstances that make things worse…


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